Amazônia Brazilian Beachwear

is born from the catalyst of the creative forces and productivity of two Brazilian friends. Theses partners’ expertise in signifying the world through successful experiences and in the pursuit of fulfillment, have put their dreams forth so they can become reality. Real life and the LIFE OF PEOPLE who will connect to the brand’s DNA and its most exuberant, elegant and sensitive conceptual attributes will find the genetic code of happiness.

– Luh Pires :: @LuhanaSP

Brazilian Beachwear
Special collection developed for this summer. Amazônia Brazilian Beachwear.
Mirthis de Siqueira

36, from Lebanese family tradition, has a natural vocation for communication and sales. She has worked in various branches of entrepreneurship. A visionary who knows how to identify the potential of great ideas, she will work on the Brazilian identity, redefining the beach way of life.

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