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Meet our founder Mirthis de Siqueira

Meet Mirthis Siqueira | Enterpreuner

We had the good fortune of connecting with Mirthis Siqueira and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Mirthis, can you tell us more about your background and the role it’s played in shaping who you are today?
I am Brazilian, born and raised in Brasilia, capital of my country. From a very early age, I was encouraged by my parents to achieve my independence and fight for my dreams, the daughter of a businessman and a Lebanese mother, when I was 15 years old I started selling bikinis and crochet clothes, the business passion was in the blood. Around the age of eighteen, I decided that I would study law, perhaps due to the influence of work, at the time I worked for the federal government, perhaps, because I was always a curious person about what we call rights and duties, and the lack of equity that exists between people who have access to information and those who do not. In the end I studied many things, foreign trade, law, among others, I went through different types of professional experiences in the goverment and private companies in Brazil, but here I am again involved with my roots and with the gift that I inherited from my maternal grandfather. Every moment was important to bring me here, the courage that my father always taught me to have is essential for a successful businesswoman, without risk there is no growth, the calm and clarity that I always admired in my mother guided me in the most conflicting moments of my journey, college and professional experiences that I have obtained over the years, give me the foundation to know when and how to act, because for those who are based on laws and love, the future and success are guaranteed.

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Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
I am very proud to say that I am the owner of Amazônia Beachwear, a company created with the intention of showing Americans the real Brazilian bikini, the one that shapes the woman’s body, leaving all types of bodies elegant, beautiful and at the same time comfortable, an original swimsuit that is created from the understanding of each woman and is unique, therefore we need to meet all needs and desires. We are a company that seeks, through a thorough curation, to keep pieces that talk to each other in all collections and to bring to our customers versatile pieces that go from beach to casual, thus promoting a conscious consumption and with less social and environmental impact for our world. Since January 1st, we have excluded all plastic packaging from our bikinis, in order to minimize environmental damage and incentives for our customers to reuse as new packaging made from fabric waste. For the month of April we have a great novelty, bikinis made with a line made from the recycling of pet bottles, another action that we hope will somehow help us to save our forests and oceans. Nothing is easy to talk about starting a business, idealizing, planning, raising investment funds, sleepless nights, doubts, crying fears … an eternal uncertainty as to whether we are on the right path or not. It was no different for me, in another country, just 6 months after the arrival, without mastering the language, without friends or family, just the desire to do different and do better every day. The challenge was never a problem for me, always a stepping stone, what moves me and what excites me and the knowledge that every day through my work I can bring back the self-esteem of a mother, a grandmother or a teenager, put a smile on a woman’s face and somehow make a difference and be remembered in the memories of these women’s sunny days.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I would certainly start by taking him to visit Coronado, the island that welcomed me and where my first address was since I arrived in the USA and also where Amazonia Beachwear was born, we would take a brunch at Little French where we could enjoy the movement of tourists old and traditional family shops around, the historic corner bank and from there we would go for a walk through the interiors of the Hotel Del Coronado and all its history, ending with a beautiful sunset by the sea to the sound of live music and glass toasting the show. We can not forget to walk the streets of La jolla and discover great and small restaurants, antique shops and the stunning view of the ocean, take a whole day to walk and discover the various caves that this region exists and then rest in the sand and feel the vibe of california. Certainly San Diego has many other places to explore, but in my opinion these two cannot be missing.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Certainly my family in the first place, parents and brothers who always support and encourage me, even many times not agreeing. My daughter who helps me in my company every day or just with a sweet smile. To friends Marcia, Ricardo, Conrado, Fernanda, Andre and so many others that without them I would not have made it this far,



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