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Amazonia Beachwear Official

COZUMEL Swimwear Bikini



This strapless type top features a twisted cord to regulate the opening of the neckline which can be worn at the front or back. Can be worn under shirts for a beach post or as a top to complete the look. This Cozumel bikini is perfect for all breast sizes; the terry fabric and hand laced draw string allows for five different wear styles; from a regular bikini or crop top to create a casual look. For those who like a bit of extra coverage, this wider modeling panty is ideal, with a slightly accentuated cut that can be worn taller or straighter. The seamless split butt provides a perfect anatomical mold with no excess.

Constructed with soft terrycloth polyamide lycra and a subtle satin sheen, this bikini offers ample coverage for those who prefer to do so. It's lined with thin, delicate fabric in the same color. Composition is 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. When caring for the garment, use a towel as the fabric is delicate. For washing, use mild soap and hand wash, gently squeezing instead of twisting or rubbing. Dry horizontally to avoid staining and don't use bleach or let wet parts come in contact with light parts. 

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